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Power Sportz Magazine

About Us


An offshoot of Powersportz.tv, India’s first digital sports channel, Powersportz.com or Power Sportz magazine is its website version for those who like to read sports stories. With the range of sports we cover in Powersportz.com, it is just as entertaining as the digital channel. 


Through this digital sports magazine, we not only bring the latest happenings in the world of sports but also cover biographies of sporting greats—from contemporaries to legends. At Powersportz.com you get a sneak peek into the lives of sports stars, coaches, dugouts, and the most inside story of sports events. 

You will never miss a moment of any sporting event with Powersportz.com as we cover matches in detail. 


Be it football, cricket, badminton, athletics, Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, world events like the Olympics, Powersportz.com has news in every sport played anywhere in the world. So, if you have missed a live game, it will be more than compensated for by a vivid description on Power Sportz magazine, your ultimate sports infotainment destination. 


Power Sportz Magazine


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