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Michelle Robert

Michelle is a sports journalist who resides in Ontario, Canada. She has always been very passionate about the world of sports and that’s the reason she opted for sports journalism. Currently Michelle working as a highlights editor. Michelle has had the opportunity to cover various sporting events, including Grand Slam 2019 held in Germany. Besides, she also writes online columns. 

Jacob Stall

Jacob, a proficient program editor and sport author. He is an ardent sports columnist, but his major area of interest is Sports gossips and rumors. Jacob has had successfully covered several rumors surrounding sports celebrities. Jacob has attended several National and International sports events and have conducted several post-game interviews. Currently he lives in Atlanta, GA.

Rajendra Prasad

Rajendra, an Indian sports journalist and an aspiring on-air sports reporter. He has interviewed many sports celebrities and has covered various sporting events, including ICC World Cup 2019. Rajendra is an avid sports reporter, who takes the time to do outside of working hours. Besides, he himself is a state level swimmer and in his free time he loves to travel.

Andrew Scott

Andrew, is an American sports writer. Currently he is working as a sports analyst. Besides, he has authored many sports books. Andrew has always been inclined to sports, majorly towards football. Over the course of his career, he has ghost-written several autobiographies.

Daniel Smith

Daniel is a freelance content sculptor. He has done Bachelors in journalism and has more than 20 years of experience in the field. Daniel has always been fascinated with sports, storytelling, books, and travel that made him land in the field of sports journalism. If you don’t find him writing then definitely you will find him exploring new places and enjoying sport activities and excursions.

Gaurav Gulati

Gaurav, a personal branding expert who is a passionate writer as well. Gaurav has acquired an incredible reputation through his 10+ years in the industry, by helping some of the world’s most efficient brands achieve enormous success. He is a die-hard golf fan and sports enthusiast.

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