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Manchester City could face relegation from PL over financial breaches

Manchester City could face relegation from PL

After being accused by the Premier League of breaking more than 100 financial regulations, Manchester City may be facing relegation. The Premier League sent the club to an impartial commission after a four-year inquiry into potential financial rule violations between 2009-18.

Man City broke the guidelines, according to the Premier League, by failing to provide correct financial information. The English champions failed to gives a genuine and fair perspective of the club’s financial status.”

Man City has been charged with violating Premier League rules regarding profitability and sustainability for three seasons. These also include the title winning campaign from the 2015–16 season to the 2017–18 season.

The Citizens responded by issuing a statement of their own in which they claimed to be “surprised” by the suspected financial irregularities. The matter will now be heard by an impartial commission which will likely involve Murray Rosen KC.

Can Manchester City can really face relegation from the Premier League?

The Telegraph claims that Man City might be subject to a variety of sanctions, including relegation from the Premier League. The report asserts that the Premier League has the authority to deprive the team of its league crowns and subtract points from its standing.

Other potential sanctions include a request that league games be rescheduled, a demand for compensation, the cancellation or rejection of player registrations, a conditional sanction, or a directive that the club foot the bill for any related expenses.

Man City was accused of “severe violations” of club licencing and financial fair play in February 2020, and as a result, UEFA penalised the team £25 million and barred them from competing in the Champions League.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) reversed the verdict after Man City filed an appeal, and the sentence was reduced to £9 million because “most of the claimed breaches were either not substantiated or time-barred.”

Man City won’t be allowed to employ a comparable defence this time around, either, as Premier League regulations do not include a time limit.

The Times also reports that the club won’t have the ability to challenge any sanctions before CAS.

Man City lost 1-0 against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, squandering the opportunity to cut the Premier League leaders’ lead to four points.

The Citizens’ upcoming match is on Sunday at the Etihad Stadium when they take on Aston Villa.

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