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3 NBA Teams That Should Make Major Changes for Future Success


Some teams in the NBA have been struggling to reach the finals in their conference, and it might be time for those franchises to reset if they want a shot at the NBA title next season.

The Houston Rockets haven’t reached the Western Conference Finals again this season for the fourth time in the last five years. But they aren’t the only group that has been struggling lately. While there are at least five or six squads that should seriously be considering change, these three mentioned below are on the top.

Houston Rockets

Ever since James Harden skyrocketed to fame in his first season with the Rockets, the team has been looking for the right player to play the supporting role.

The first man who had the chance to prove that he could do the job was Dwight Howard. But after three seasons, the big man was let go in 2016.

Chris Paul had a chance to prove his worth in 2017. Considering that the Rockets won 65 games that season and pushed the defending champion in the finals, Paul did quite well. But the next season wasn’t the same.

Then came in Westbrook, who wasn’t the perfect match either. Now there is Eric Gordon, who might be replaced as well.

Houston Rockets definitely have a problem, and it doesn’t seem like they will get better without a reset. To achieve their championship dreams, they may have to trade their star player and correct the roster. But thinking of letting Harden go isn’t an easy choice, so only time will tell what the Rockets will do.

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic went through a six-year playoff drought. So when they got a little ahead, it was a cause for celebration for the franchise.

But once the offseason winds blew over and the skies were clear, Magic had spent quite a lot of millions. Considering the massive amounts of money that they have spent, the talent certainly doesn’t add up. But the franchise was convincing itself that it was merely laying the foundation for a better future. But was it really?

  • Dropped 60 points in the winning percentage
  • Lost in five games
  • Nikola Vucevic ($100 million) and Terrence Ross ($54 million) regressed
  • Aminu became unfit
  • Aaron Gordon’s average took a dip
  • They went from 22nd to 23rd in offensive efficiency

Believe it or not, the list keeps on going. But the campaign wasn’t a massive waste because of Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz. The franchise needs to focus on this duo and make a team that complements them.

They probably should start putting everyone, other than Fultz and Isaac, on the trade block. Also, let go of anyone who can bring back draft picks.

Indiana Pacers

Nate McMillan lost his coaching gig after the Pacers had four first-round exits in a row. But the Pacers limitations aren’t just with the skippers.

Oladipo has the 2021 free agency waiting for him next year, and he might be leaving the team. While there could be a chance that he will be asked to stay, the 28-year-old might be a risky investment. Ever since he suffered a quad injury, Victor Oladipo hasn’t been the same.

The Pacers also have a twin tower situation going on with Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner that is entirely outdated.

The team needs to find more prospects who have a lot of potential. They need more than just better coaching if they want to have any chances of future success.

Even though their roster isn’t the worst in the NBA, the players could use many developmental opportunities. This might be the best the current group can ever do, which is why a reset wouldn’t be the worst thing.

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