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Barcelona boss Xavi reacts to Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami move

Lionel Messi back to Barcelona

Barcelona head coach Xavi has stated that Lionel Messi’s choice to join Inter Miami this summer is partly due to the forward’s desire for a “quieter life.”

In recent months, the 35-year-old has been extensively connected with a return to Barcelona, with the club attempting to re-sign him on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain.

Xavi has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to see the Argentina international return to Camp Nou, but a decision has been taken for the attacker to continue his career in North America.

According to Barcelona’s head coach, Messi decided to leave European football due to the stresses that come with being one of the most famous footballers in history.

Xavi on why Lionel Messi did not join back Barcelona

“The last days, weeks, I had noticed that he didn’t see his return clearly. You have to understand it, being Messi is not easy. Everyone is interested in you, he never has peace,”

Xavi told Jigantes FC.

“Leo explained it, for the past two years he was unhappy. I can understand that he doesn’t want so much pressure anymore. I spoke with him a lot.”

“I have spoken a lot with Messi and we were all excited. But in the end, it hasn’t happened. He has explained the circumstances very well. He wants a quieter and more family life.”

“It’s Messi’s personal decision and you have to respect him because he’s the best player in history. I was convinced that we would do well with him.”

During a wide-ranging interview on Wednesday, Messi revealed his move to Inter Miami, claiming that he did not want to face further troubles at Barcelona, who were unable to sign him to a new contract in the summer of 2021 owing to financial difficulties.

“The time I had to leave, in 2021, La Liga had also agreed to register me and in the end it was not possible. Well, I was afraid that the same thing would happen again,”

He said in an interview with Sport and Mundo Deportivo.

“When I left in 2021, I had to come here to Paris to stay in a hotel for a long time with my family, with my children going to school and still being in the hotel… I didn’t want my future in the air again.”

Barcelona issued a statement on Wednesday night after failing to sign Messi, claiming that the South American preferred to “compete in a league with fewer demands.”

“President [Joan] Laporta understood and respected Messi’s decision to want to compete in a league with fewer demands, further away from the spotlight and the pressure he has been subject to in recent years,”

read part of the statement.

Messi is also said to have had a hefty offer from Saudi Arabia, but he will now join Inter Miami, which was founded only five years ago.

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