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Coronavirus: Nadal is locked up, like any another citizen

Rafael Nadal quarantined at home due to coronavirus

The Mallorcan, quarantined at home, performs a series of physical routines daily to lose as little physical tone as possible, while lamenting the course of events and the decomposition of the calendar

Those who wonder what is Rafael Nadal in these days of uncertainty, how the champion of 19 greats is living this exceptional situation or what are his most immediate plans, should not dig more because there is nothing underneath.

“He is like anyone, locked up at home. Rafa is one more citizen complying ”, they slide from his surroundings, while the tennis player had officially lost track since he published a snapshot on his Instagram, rambling with the Belgian David Goffin under the Californian sun of Indian Wells, and the next day express through your social networks your sadness for what is happening: “I am very sad with this whole situation. Hopefully the authorities will find solutions soon, “said just knowing that the tournament was canceled, the first Masters 1000 of the season , and that the evolution then hung on a very fine thread.

Aware of this, and after explaining his reasoning to the rest at the Players Council , the ATP Players Council decided to take a flight back to Spain on March 11 because he smelled the one that was coming and wanted to avoid any type of setback, such as that of a member of his team who was “stuck” in Miami when he wanted to fly to Europe. And indeed, the next day the rector of the men’s circuit announced the suspension of the activity for a month and a half , until the end of April, so the tour , like so many other sports, has been turned upside down. Even more so after the announcement by Roland Garros, which yesterday announced its postponement to October .

“I’m good, at home. Doing physical exercise and following the orders and recommendations of the authorities, ”confirmed Nadal, who reassured the parents of the boys and girls who train at his closed academy, and who three weeks ago achieved his first trophy of the season in the cement of Acapulco, oblivious to the tsunami that now confines him at his home, where he spends his hours worried and aware, without stepping on the street and eagerly following the news beyond the sports borders, as is his custom. He exercises on his own, following the parameters set by his physical trainer, Joan Forcades, and his physio, Rafa Maymò.

Resignation, and three tournaments played
Like all elite athletes, Nadal (33 years old) has found an unsuspected scenario that forces him to rectify on the fly and surrounds the course with questions. The Balearic works to avoid losing too many gears, keeping a series of daily routines behind closed doors, with the aim of arriving as oiled as possible when everything breaks down. That when, the unknown impossible to solve. Meanwhile, he persists in what he has had to do so many times, dealing with the misfortune that the blessed injuries have caused him countless times, because from the mental point of view there are no doubts: psychologically he will not let himself down .

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