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Empowering Pravasi Sports: Kanthi D Suresh takes over as President of HIPSA

As leaders of some of the most influential countries descended in New Delhi to participate in the G-20 summit last week, the common thread that ran through all the countries that were represented at the G20, was the Indian diaspora connect in all of them. Its no accident that Indian domestic politics is increasingly playing out on the international stage. In part, that’s due to geopolitics: As India becomes an essential ally to the West in its bid to combat climate change, counter China, and gain access to India’s growing market, Indian politicians have greater incentive to engage deeply with the rest of the world.

The Modi Government truly believes that Sports can play a huge role of a catalyst in binding nations, and nothing better when your own countrymen living outside can play a unifying role. Modis emphasis on Sports is no secret as almost every episode on his favourite program ‘Mann Ki Baat’, has a mention of Sports, big or small. He had in 2019, expressed a desire to connect our diaspora youth with India through Sports.

Taking a cue from this, Kanthi D Suresh, the first woman in India to run a Sports channel, and someone who has been associated with Sports media for over a decade is the vision behind the creation of a Sports federation, that’s main focus would be on Pravasi Sports. Kanthi is spearheading a movement that is revolutionizing the sports landscape. The Holistic International Pravasi Sports Association, HIPSA’s Intellectual property is ‘Pravasi Sports’, which is providing  opportunities for athletes and sports enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to come to India and participate in various sports competitions. Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, they are elevating Pravasi Sports to new heights, opening doors to international competitions and fostering a sense of unity among sports communities. Kanthi’s relentless drive to promote sports echoes in her commitment towards fostering talent and providing a platform for aspiring athletes.  As President of Holistic International Pravasi sports association, Kanthi D Suresh is rewriting the narrative of sports, driving success, and paving the way for a brighter future for our diaspora athletes around the world. On being asked as to how she thought through this entire project, she says, ‘We are only executing a vision that has already been conceived by the Government’.

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