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96 % of Indians tested, do not have Corona Virus!

As the demand for more and more testing by private labs increases, the ICMR has already approved as many as 200 government and private labs for COVID-19 testing through RT-PCR machines and is in the process of identifying more research institutes and medical colleges, which can be included in the network. India’s apex medical body intensified random sampling including people who display flu-like symptoms but don’t have any history of travel to outbreak zones to determine whether community transmission is taking place. Asymptomatic direct and high-risk contacts of a confirmed case will be tested once between day 5 and day 14 of coming in his/her contact, the notification added

Indias Corona Virus test data

Total COVID Test conducted
till 10th April
Total Positive Cases for Corona Virus
till 10th April
150000 Tests6000 Cases

  • 4% of the total tested in India, are positive for Corona Virus,  96% are negative
  • 20% of those tested in the USA,  40% in Spain, and 43% in France are positive for Corona Virus
96 % of Indians tested, do not have Corona Virus! ..Click here for video

The above data clearly indicates that more people in India could be suffering from other viral influenza-like ailments, rather than the Novel Corona Virus, or are simply not testing positive for the Virus. While India can do with more testing,  we have tested far more than many Western European countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, where the conversion rate of positive cases is upwards of 20%.

The data till date also reveals that countries that have a low conversion rate of positive cases vis-à-vis the tested cases also have a much lower mortality rate. Australia, Singapore, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand have conversion rates below 3% and have also the least casualties reported till date. Australia has conducted over 3 lac tests till date and UAE around 2.2 lac tests. Australia has reported 50 deaths and UAE, has reported 12 deaths till date.

Whether India’s current favorable data will change in the coming weeks, remains to be seen, though some are of the opinion that this trend should change, not so favourably.

The demand for more and more testing in India by the Pharma and Healthcare sector needs to be scrutinized further to decipher whether there is any logical reason to believe that the existing ratio of a 4% conversion of positive cases, will drastically change considering the fact that the current set of tests conducted have focused largely on symptomatic patients with a higher probability to have tested positive, vis-à-vis random testing which would also cover asymptomatic patients, which may even alter the ratio to be less than 4% of a conversion rate. What is more important to understand is if, with more testing, better outcomes can be managed!

Sometimes,  the theory of Economics can prove to be dangerous Science!

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