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Clementine McVeigh posted teary tribute to husband Jarrad and daughter Luella

AFL Player, Jarrad McVeigh will play his last game on the 8th year anniversary of his daughter Luella’s death, while wife took to her Instagram a posted a teary tribute to husband and daughter.

Luella died at just one-month-old in August of that year after a brave, month-long battle with a heart condition. It was heart-rending for both McVeigh and his wife Clementine.

Today, the 34-years-old will play his final AFL game, his wife Clementine posted an emotional message to Instagram as her husband is ending his footy career on a high.

Her Instagram post read:

“A picture is worth a thousand words … and boy does this,” she wrote.

“This moment Jarrad kissed his “black arm band” for our beautiful Luella after she passed. “Today my incredible husband will play his last game.. the sport he loves so much he can’t even describe in words. The passion and love he has put into the game/ his career is a drive that is beyond what I could imagine.

“Today is also the anniversary of our Luella’s passing …, what are the chances of this! Maybe the universe made it this way … so today I shed tears for my baby girl, and shed tears for my husband’s incredible career. One door closes and another opens.

P.s if you see me at the footy and I have extremely puffy eyes with mascara running down my face or sunglasses on to hide

Just give me that wink.

I’ll be a mess … but a happy mess.”

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