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Kohli partied all night and next day he scored 250: Ishant

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Ishant Sharma, a veteran Indian pacer, opened out about his friendship with Virat Kohli, claiming that he has witnessed many phases of the renowned player.

Remembering all of these experiences, Sharma began by saying that during their U19 days, Virat was partying all night in Kolkata and then went on to score 250 runs the next day.

He went on to claim that because he lives in Delhi, he has witnessed Virat’s partying and tattooing phases, and that he is now witnessing a whole new phase.

Notably, the former India captain has modified his diet and been healthier since 2012.

He started a revolution in Indian cricket by requiring all players to focus on their fitness, which helped the team become one of the finest in the world. Ishant Sharma agreed and added that this was Virat’s best quality.

Ishant Sharma on Virat Kohli

“He has changed a lot. I have seen his party phase and his tattoo phase as well. We were playing a U-19 match in Kolkata. He was batting overnight, yet partied all night and the next day he scored 250. I have seen that phase of Kohli as well. The best thing about him, according to me, is how he changed his physical aspect starting in 2012, after the World Cup. He was training, but because of his diet, his mental strength and cricket, in general, went to a different level,”

Ishant said on Ranveer Allahbadia’s YouTube channel.

It’s no secret that Virat Kohli adores Chole Bhature. The cricketer earlier stated that it is his favourite cuisine, but according to Sharma, Kohli has only had it once or twice since 2012. Sharma joked about his cheat dish while praising him for his remarkable restraint. On his cheat day, the lanky pacer consumes paneer naan.

“Delhi people like eating a lot, but he left everything. From 2012 to now, I have only seen him eating chole bhature once or twice. On my cheat day, I have paneer nan,”

the fast bowler claimed.

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