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December 3, 2022
NFL News

Seahawks broke out New Edition ‘if it isn’t love’ touchdown dance

Seattle Seahawks has once again proved that no personnel group in the NFL has better touchdown celebrations than them. On Monday night, the Seattle Seahawks allegedly celebrated a 60-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson to David Moore along with a choreographed end zone dance.

It was not just any choreographed dance, in fact they broke out New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love.” Undoubtedly, it is one of the best group touchdown celebrations in the entire season.

In the third quarter of the team’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, David Moore allegedly roasted Xavier Rhodes for a 60-yard touchdown. He was further joined by his fellow receivers Moore, Tyler Lockett, Jaron Brown, and DK Metcalf for a choreographed celebration. All of them got in formation and broke out their New Edition’s dance to “If it isn’t love.”

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