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December 7, 2022
Sports Debate

Bookie’s no holds barred confession on match-fixing that plagues Indian sports

Yet another earth-shattering revelation made on “Talking Turkey with Kanthi”, where a bookie openly talks about match-fixing in Indian sports, especially cricket and football. This was the topic of discussion on the latest episode of the popular talk show on Power Sportz.

The flagship show of the channel, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, week after week unearths some of the most contentious issues in Indian sports. This time it was match-fixing that rocks sports across the world time and again.

Match-fixing is all-pervasive and it runs from the junior to the top international level, the bookie confessed on the show. “Is there a casting couch in Indian sports?” asked Kanthi D Suresh, the erudite show-show of Talking Turkey.

A studio panel that comprised of sports-legal expert, journalist and a psychologist, tried to deduce the anatomy of match-fixing and find out what is the truth behind it.

So, what is modus operandi of match-fixing in India, and who are involved in it? To know the whole truth, watch the full episode of Talking Turkey with Kanthi here.

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