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August 10, 2022
Sports Debate

Coming under NADA, does BCCI become an NSF by default

As the BCCI has finally come under NADA, it also raises a lot of pertinent questions otherwise were unanswered for all these years. The war between the government and BCCI seems to be a long one.

Now, what is next? Has it already succumbed? This was the topic of discussion this week in “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” to be aired today on Power Sportz at 8 pm.

BCCI headquarters

Joining Kanthi D Suresh—show-host and Editor-in-chief of Power Sportz— on the show are former India cricketer Atul Wassan, and eminent journalist Indranil Basu. Also patched-in Live was Vidushpat Singhania, a sports lawyer.

So, what were the revelations made on the show? What did Kanthi D Suresh dig out about this whole conundrum? Are cricketers happy at the development? Are there any hurdles for BCCI after this development? There is so much revealed on the show.

Cricketers now have to sign whereabouts clause (Picture credits: South Soccer)

To know more log on to www.powersportz.tv tonight, Friday 16, at 8 pm

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