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The Unsporting World of Entrepreneurship !


As an Entrepreneur in the Sports domain, there have been some very interesting experiences through my journey which helped me grow as a Human being. I just thought it my responsibility to share it with all the other budding entrepreneurs who wish to start their journey, and this perhaps could apply to any domain.

The 10 things I learnt as an Entrepreneur

  • While there is no such thing as a ‘one man show’ in a winning team,…as an Entrepreneur, if you’re not capable of being a ‘one man army’….forget the Team!

  • After YOU put in your Blood, sweat & tears and you’re taking off to build a great product, suddenly there are many  to share the ’Dreams & Success story’!!! They can wait!

  •   In the journey of Entrepreneurship, you come across 2 types of people-(1) those who over promise and under deliver, and (2) those who over think and under perform. Stay away from both.., they only slow you down!

  • If your business growth is dependent more than 50% on others decisions, you’d rather be an employee!

  •   As a Woman Entrepreneur, when  you unnecessarily start getting reminded about familial roles & responsibilities….you’re growing!

  •  Entrepreneurship gives you the vision to see how much people ‘fake it’ till they actually ‘make it’!….Perception and Reality are two different things!

  • Everybody is willing to lend you money when you tell them you don’t need it!

  •  If you cannot understand ‘mind games’, …hang on!!….you may need some more ‘Life experience’ before Entrepreneurship!

  •    If you think becoming an Entrepreneur is a permanent solution to getting away from a Bad Boss……think again!
  •  As an Entrepreneur if you believe you’re making a positive difference to Society, all of the above are Worth it!!!

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