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Tom Moody suggests changes in slow over-rate rules in Test cricket

Tom Moody to Test Cricket Rule change

Tom Moody, a former Australian player, and well-known coach, has proposed a new rule for slow over-rate in Test cricket.

In the current setup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) deducts fees by the specified percentage or World Test Champions (WTC) points for slow-over rates.

In white ball cricket, an extra fielder is introduced into the circle for overs bowled after a certain time limit.

Interestingly, Moody’s solution to the slow over-rate problem in Test cricket is novel. The former

Australian cricketer proposed that the allotted 90 overs per day in Test cricket be bowled at all costs, and that if a team fails to do so, time should be taken from the Lunch and Tea breaks.

Tom Moody Comments on Test Cricket Rule

“Slow Over Rates, a solution to consider. With 90 overs expected the game must penalise the fielding side by taking “their” time. Simply expect 30 overs a session. If not completed take from the allocated breaks, 20 minutes off lunch & 10 minutes off tea,”

said Tom Moody as quoted by Sportskeeda.

“Overs unfinished can be completed in the 30 minute window at the close of play. Total extra time created 60 minutes,”

he further added.

However, at a recent ICC conference in Durban, the governing body proposed that on-field penalties be imposed for the next WTC cycle.

As of today, according to ICC rules, teams in Test cricket are expected to maintain 15 overs per hour, and if they exceed the time restriction, match money or WTC points would be removed in the longer format of the game.

The ICC introduced a new regulation for slow over-rate in Test cricket in June 2023. For each over bowled after the stipulated time, players will now be charged 5% of their match cost.

The maximum penalty will be 50%. Previously, players were penalised 100% of their match money, as happened at the ICC WTC Final 2023 between Australia and India.

Furthermore, under the proposed modifications, if a side is bowled out before the new ball is taken, which is due after 80 overs bowled in an innings, there will be no over-rate penalty assessed, despite the bowling team maintaining a slow over-rate.

Previously, the limit was 60 overs, but it has recently been increased to 20 overs. It will be interesting to see if Tom Moody’s new proposed regulation becomes part of the ICC’s new Test cricket revisions.

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