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Triathlete Nathalie Birli escaped an abductor after being kidnapped, and Striped

Nathalie Birli, Austrian cycling champion escaped an abductor after being kidnapped, snatched, striped, and beaten.

The abductor forced the triathlete into a van, then drove her to a rundown house on the outskirts of town. Somehow she managed to escape the abductor and gained her freedom by simply complimenting her abductor’s plants.

The 27-years-old was knocked off her bike and snatched by a man, who was driving a red delivery van while Birli was training near her home in Austria.

Birli, mother of a 14-week-old son, said that the man drove into her, beat her with a stick and seized her hands with duct tape before he forced her into his van.

Birli took to her Facebook and wrote: “I was hit, beaten, caught up and brought to a small house off the road — like in a bad movie.”

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