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Two employees of a CCTV firm accessed photos of dead football star

Two employees of a British CCTV firm have pleaded guilty for accessing graphic morgue footage, which was later circulated on social media, of a plane crash victim late Argentine football player Emiliano Sala. 

Sala, was flying from Nantes in western France to Wales to join Cardiff City when the Piper Malibu aircraft suddenly got disappeared over the English Channel.

The remains were finally located after a privately funded search and his body was recovered three days after. The police investigation was launched in February after the officers got to know that a graphic image of Sala’s post-mortem was appearing on social media.

They raided the officers of the CCTV firm and discovered that the company’s director, Sherry Bray and another staff member Christopher Ashford, had illegally accessed the graphic morgue footage.

It was found by the police that Bray, 48, took photographs of the footage on her mobile phone and then sent those pictures to another person on Facebook Messenger. She also took pictures of another body in the mortuary.

In a statement, Detective Inspector Gemma Vinton said, “It has been the two families who have been at the forefront of our minds throughout the investigation; they have been significantly impacted at what was already a difficult and traumatic time for them. The actions of Bray and Ashford caused additional unnecessary distress and heartache.”

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